V-Book Compiler Features

Compact, Portable & Distributable
e-Books created with V-Book Compiler are very small and portable, it's very easy to distribute your e-Books in diskettes, CD-ROMs, Internet downloads or e-mail attachment. It doesn't require any installation on the user's PC.

Built-in Compression
e-Books have a Built-in decompresses software to extract all content very fast.

Royalty Free
You can create unlimited products with V-Book Compiler without having to pay royalties.

Security Features
Open your eBooks directly from the eBook file without temporal folders.
Password protect your eBook with a fixed Password or use the Password Generator.
Copyright protection: Disable right-click button and Copy / Paste functions.

Events Features
Add personalized messages before loading the eBook or after closing the eBook

Custom Splash Screen
Add a splash screen to your eBook. You can use any image you want and it can be any size you want.

Expiry Options
You can make eBooks that can expire after a specified number of days or after being opened a specified number of times.
You can create Shareware eBooks.

Customizable User Interface
You'll be able to choose how your publication will look like.
Toolbar fully configurable: Change labels, images and colors.
Author information in the about box.

What are you waiting for?
Download the free trial software and create as many ebooks you like.

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